“I feel like I’m filthy rich.”


  • To provide an environment that is safe, secure and respectful of each child.
  • To provide a program which welcomes children with special needs or special rights?
  • To promote growth for each child socially, developmentally, emotionally, cognitively and physically.
  • To help the child build a foundation for success.
  • To promote creative expression through art, music, dance, story-telling and cooking and other self-initiated activities.
  • To provide a curriculum which acknowledges and teaches cultural diversity?
  • To continually promote positive self-esteem in each child.
  • To provide a curriculum that encourages a love for learning that will last a lifetime.
  • To provide a quality, educational early childhood program.

Goal For Each Child

  • …is to give him/her opportunities to develop independence, responsibility and self-control.
  • …is to give them confidence to know that they make a difference in this world.
  • …is to give them enough faith in themselves to set goals and achieve them.
  • …is to have them to look in the mirror and smile.
  • …is to help and support their friends with love compassion and concern when they are in need.